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By Monica Cejka on Sep 20, 2021

They are fabulous and we used their services and we were very happy with the outcome and how the whole case was handled, very experience attorney of law indeed, we'll definitely recommend them to family and friends, don't hesitate to hire them.

By Catalin B. on Sep 11, 2021

I very much recommend The Davis Law Group. Attorney Brandon Davis was quick to reply and was able to help me out on very short notice. He is very professional and knowledgeable, kept me informed and explained everything clearly and made the whole process very easy. I do not recommend going to court without an attorney , and if you need one, you can't go wrong with The Davis Law group. I made a great decision in going with them.

By Craig L. on Jul 14, 2021

I was in an accident where I struck a pedestrian and was issued an accident report at the scene.  However, it wasn't clear who was at fault.  The information said I was due in court but it was very confusing.  After doing some research, I retained the Davis Law Group, but honestly wasn't really sure if I was making the right call in even hiring a lawyer.  They weren't pushy at all on the phone and Brandon very clearly explained the situation and said it was my call whether or not to use them but laid out what they would do for me.  I decided to go with them, at which point they completely took over and essentially just laid everything out for me and made my life way easier.  Because of the Covid protocols, Cook County wasn't even doing anything in person.  There was no information about this anywhere on the citation - it just said to be in court downtown and actually gave a building and room number.  Davis gave me all the Zoom info, informed me on what I should say and when.  They were on the Zoom even before I was and did everything on my behalf, which, in this case was asking for the citation to be thrown out, and it was.  They were incredibly professional and I would definitely say it was worth the money.

By Adriana E. on Jul 06, 2021

I was pulled over for speeding on a construction zone. When I went to court the judge recommended everyone with the same charge as me to consult with a layer since court  cost and fines could add up to 1000 dollars. My first thought was getting a layer could be the same cost. After researching  on line I found out that my reckless driving charge could increase my car insurance cost significantly. I sent request to few layers I decided to go with Brandon Davis because he knew so much about the process . He knew who the prosecutor would be, etc.  the fee to take my case was very reasonable. He was able to negotiate a good plea deal with 3 months probation. I am so lucky to have chosen him. Highly recommended.

By Joel M. on Apr 25, 2021

I got charged with a Class A Misdemeanor for Aggravated Speeding. I was hit with going 90 on a 35. I contacted each of the top traffic lawyers near me. All of them said they could help but I wasn't confident in any of them. They all claimed they could bring this charge down to 50-70 hours of community service, Traffic School, Reduced fine(2500 to 500-600), and that it would be a reduced charge. I randomly stumbled upon Brandon Kenneth's law firm, while searching for another lawyer's location. Decided to fill out the form on The Davis Law Group website. Forgot about it and then a few hours later I got an email inquiring about my ticket. I sent him over my information and then I went ahead and scheduled a free consultation from him. The next day when I talked to him I realized he was a step above the pack. He did his research and had an idea of which judge and which prosecutor would be there at the time of my trial, he may have been younger than most lawyers I contacted, but he took steps into a case that wasn't even his yet. I decided to go ahead and continue with his services because of his work ethic. He then asked me multiple questions that had nothing to do with the ticket but more about my story and who I was. Brandon Davis is the man of the people and defends us with every tool in my kit. long story short, he reduced my Sentence to 6 months of supervision, $100 fine, and Reduced the charge to a petty speeding offense. After 6 months if I don't get pulled over, it would be like this whole ordeal didn't happen, but if I was to get pulled over again, Brandon Kenneth Davis is the lawyer I would go to. Highly Recommend.

By Ricky M. on Mar 02, 2021

I had a very serious traffic offense that could've affected my CDL. They took care of everything & made it easy for me to have a stress free mind as I awaited the outcome of court. Grateful for all their help. If I am ever in the same situation I WILL NOT hesitate to use their services. Thanks again!!

By Catherine Fox on Feb 01, 2021

Davi Law Group did an excellent job for us even though we were out of state. Very good work at a very fair price. Would highly recommend their services.

By Laura L. on Jun 17, 2020

Brandon Davis quickly resolved a problem with my son's driving privileges that we had been struggling with since March. He was pleasant, professional and easy to work with. I felt that the fees were very fair and there were no hidden costs. Although we debated whether to hire an attorney; with the courts being closed for Covid and the court date moved from March to August we felt that it was necessary. Now my only regret is that we waited so long. Highly recommend Mr. Davis.

By Michael Epifano on Mar 11, 2020

I would highly recommend this law firm. Mr. Davi and his staff are world class professionals in their field. I was treated with respect and dignity from the very first call and informed before every major milestone during the progression of my case. Mr. Davi and his staff were beacon's of hope for me during a very difficult life changing event. Their calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor to myself and my family. I am eternally grateful for their service and I hereby recommend Davi Law Group, LLC without reservation.”

By Ken Koppitz on Mar 05, 2020

Dion has provided excellent advice for me and direction for our firm over the years. I appreciate things getting done without me having to worry about it and only being brought to my attention as needed. Keeps it effortless which allows us to focus on more productive activities of the business.

By William V. on Feb 23, 2020

I had a Scott's Law ticket I needed assistance with.  I had a clean record so I was worried this would effect my driving record.  On short notice Brandon Davis was able to assist me.  His initial phone consultation alleviated me of any worries I had.  Super friendly and professional he explained the process so I decided to have him represent me.  At court he was able to get me in and out within 20 minutes which was huge for me (not much free time running a business).  Only hiccup was the wait at the cashier (out of Brandon's control).  When I was up they had the incorrect fine so they had to correct it.  Brandon saw me waiting and after telling him my issue he had me write out the check for the fine and said he would take care of payment.  Off I was with only 45 min lost!  Later on Brandon phoned me and explained that the fee was actually correct and the Judge failed to add the additional fee.  Brandon spoke to the Judge and was able to have the additional fine dropped!  I can't imagine having a better traffic lawyer and although I hope never to need him again I know who to reach out if needed.  Thank you Brandon and also your friendly staff!

By Eddie V. on Jan 16, 2020

The Davis Law Group saved me a lot of time, money, and hardship. They helped me get my license back--which I though would have been impossible due to my lengthy driving record. They're a great time dedicated to us--the client. I wish I could've known about them sooner, but I'm glad I found them in a time of need. Brandon Davis and his associates will forever be the family lawyer. Thank you guys.

By Christopher Henkel on Nov 05, 2019

By Solaris Kuniva on Oct 13, 2019

By Laura Point on Sep 13, 2019

Dion got the job done!!! My son had a no insurance ticket while driving a work vehicle and thanks to him and his effort the past employer complied and the case was dismissed Thank you again!!!! Your number I will definitely keep!!!.

By Laura Point on Sep 13, 2019

Dion got the job done!!! My son had a no insurance ticket while driving a work vehicle and thanks to him and his effort the past employer complied and the case was dismissed Thank you again!!!! Your number I will definitely keep!!!.

By Nicole Waterloo on Sep 09, 2019

Today, we finalized our adoption case! Dion and his entire staff have been such a pleasure to work with during the entire process. Dion was always friendly, efficient, and made himself available whenever needed. Our family is complete and the process was made easy. Thank you, Dion!

By Nikolay B. on Sep 05, 2019

I wanted to thank you for the professional service which you provided and everything for my case was dismissed. Thanks to Brandon and David my record is clean and I avoided many fines and further problems. For the future if I have any problems, I definitely recommend them and will use their services again. Very Professional, Great Price, Excellent Service! Thank you!

By Jessie Marie on Jul 31, 2019

Davi Law Group is professional and empathetic. My case needed patience and a delicate hand. To the entire staff at Davi Law group, I want to thank you.

By Jessica Goodwin on Jul 31, 2019

In a time of need the Davi Law Group was there for me. From the moment I walked in the door, Dion and has staff were very professional and empathetic. I felt very comfortable communicating with Dion or one of his support staff for questions and concerns throughout the entire process. Dion went above and beyond what was initially asked and for that I am entirely grateful.